Piper Landing Gear Actuators

Overhauled Piper Landing Gear Actuators

The Aviation Group overhauls numerous Piper Landing Gear Actuators using approved manuals and includes overhauled EASA 8130 Certification with a 1 Year Warranty. We offer quick turnaround times usually 3-4 Days and also teardown and inspections at no charge.

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31901-000, 31870-000, 35030-002, WTC2218-1, WTC2139-1, WTC2114-1, WTC2145-1, WTC2115-1, WTC2238-2, WTC2112-1, WTC2215-1, SFA232-1, SFA232-3, SFA232-4, SFA232-5, OAS2924-3, OAS2949-6, OAS2923-1, OAS2923-3, OAS5107-1, OAS5065-1, Other